How to Download Vidmate App on Mac OS Powered Devices

Vidmate for Mac: A considerable rise in the popularity of the apps which enable a user to download videos from different sources can be noticed. And in this genre, it is the Vidmate app which is currently second to none. Now across the continents, we have a number of users of the device with Mac OS. Obviously, this particular group of users is looking forward to downloading the app in concern on their devices. And hence we bring forth a glimpse of all the possibilities and exceptions which you need to be aware of before going for the Vidmate for Mac.

Vidmate for Mac

Vidmate for Mac: Reality or Hoax?

Vidmate Features (Exclusive Ones)

As we said before you can get into the intricate details regarding the app, let’s take a look at the exclusive things that Vidmate for Mac brings to you. The salient features of the app that set it apart from its competitors are given as follows.

  • Vidmate comes with the most varied content. By that we mean, there are a number of options for you to download. You can download a movie, a particular TV series, a music video or even a video related to sports. So that’s quite staggering, isn’t it?
  • This particular app gives you access to a number of websites which most of its competitors do not. One can download videos from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others which are simply unmatched.
  • The user interface of the Vidmate apk is pretty favorable for even a non-tech-savvy user. He or she can easily find out the desired video by surfing the various categories in which the videos are divided. The videos are predominantly divided into categories like most popular, top rated, new releases and coming soon.
  • The Vidmate app enables the user to manipulate the privacy settings as well that will maintain the secrecy that you might desire.
  • And lastly, all these come at free of cost. So, there is no question that you can ask for anything more than that from the developers of the app.

Vidmate for Mac – The Actual Scenario

Having gone through all these details regarding the app it can derive that you are really tempted to get hold of the app on your device. But, if you are using an electronic device running on the Mac OS, there is a not-too-good information waiting for you. And that is, Vidmate for Mac is not yet available for download. One can find a Vidmate for Android or a Vidmate for PC. But at this moment there is no scope that you can download this extremely helpful app on your Mac device. However, it can be predicted that the developers are tempted to introduce an exclusive edition of the app that will enable the users of Mac OS to download the Vidmate apk on their device.

However, you can look for alternatives to the app. And here we are to bring you out of this situation as well. Read below to find that out.

Alternatives to Vidmate for Mac

As we have mentioned before Vidmate for Mac is yet to be made available by the developers. And here we are with the alternatives that you might install on your Mac OS to download as well as stream videos form different websites.

YouTV Player

Among the alternatives that we have listed for you, the first one is YouTV Player. Very much like the Vidmate, it serves almost similar services. And you can get hold of the YouTV Player for Mac through a hassle-free process.


The second one is SnapTube. This one also provides the users with the opportunity to download different videos from different sources. You can thus opt for SnapTube for Mac as well.


The name of MovieBox suggests that it brings you with a list of downloadable content enriched with various kinds of movies. And what is great about this app is the fact that one can get hold of the MovieBox for Mac. Hence, it serves you as a great substitute of Vidmate for Mac.


ShowBox is the fourth one in our list of alternatives to the Vidmate apk. This one is also available for download on devices running on the Mac operating system. And it comes very close to the quality that Vidmate brings in. Thus it might just fulfill your wishes.


To make the list longer, PlayBox is there as well. Much like all the names cited here, PlayBox for Mac also gives the user options to download anything (although less varied than Vidmate). You can download it and subsequently install it as well.

Wrap Up

It is much to the misfortune of the users of the Mac devices that Vidmate for Mac is not available. But the rise in demand of the app for Mac computers might just compel the developers to release the Mac counterpart of Vidmate for Android and Vidmate for PC. So you can either wait for that or get hold of the alternatives. But it should be mentioned once again that there is a lack of apps that can give some sort of a challenge to Vidmate. Such has been the excellence of the app.

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